The Purpose of

Nowadays many people are trying to learn English. Some students want to pass an exam, some people want to travel easily, some people want to communicate with others around the world, and some people want to have a graduation degree or a course certificate. What ever the reason you have for learning english there are musts that you need to complete in order to learn english properly. There are many steps that you need to follow if you want to write and speak english fluently. These steps are;

  • Plan your schedule
  • Practice almost everyday
  • Listen english conversations
  • Read a lot
  • Practice your vocabulary knowledge

Doing these steps will help you to understand and learn english easily. As you can see from this steps practicing your vocabulary knowledge is an important part of your progress. You need to memorize a new word and repeat it according to a schedule will make you better understand english sentences. But sometimes we have hard times when using a new word in a sentence or we don’t understand it until wee see it in a sentence. will help you to find many sentences including a word so that you will grasp the meaning of a word or you will see different usage scenarios by reading many sentences about the word. Our team of linguists and programmers worked hard to find sentences about a specific word. There are many sentences in our web site, you can find related words in a sentence page or you can search the word from our search form.

There are many sentences in a page, so that you will have many examples about that word. Further more each sentence page has links to similar or related sentence pages. By browsing these related pages you will be able to learn additional words that are similar to your word and this will help you to enrich your english vocabulary knowledge

Our team still work on this project to make our website more useful for your needs. If you have any questions, suggestions or complaints please contact us via our email address. We’ll be glad to hear your comments about our site.

Thank you for visiting our site and good luck on your target.